BOOK - Coaching the System

    DVD 1 - Understanding the System
    DVD 2 - The Fast Break Attack
    DVD 3 - Half-Court "Attack" Offense
    DVD 4 - The Trap Defense

    Complete Set (Savings of $35)

  DVD 1 - Understanding the System - $39.95
  • The Attack Philosophy
  • 7 Advantages of Attacking
  • 10 Modes of Attack
  • More vs. Better Shots?
  • Common Criticisms
  • Creating/Evaluating Units
  • Determining “Game Goals”
  • System Conditioning
  • Installing the System
  • Practice Planning
  • Creating Shift Charts
  • Determining PT
  • Developing System Drills
  • Adjusting for Limited Depth
  • Pressing without Risk??
  • Encouraging Team “Buy-in”
In the first volume of this four-DVD set, ONU head coach Doug Porter explains the nuts and bolts of Attack Basketball and how his team used it to set the all-time 4-year college women’s basketball scoring mark of 104.1 ppg in 2007-08.

Attack Basketball is ONU’s version of the famous Grinnell System that forces opponents out of their normal game plan. Learn how “The System” works, why it works, and the seven advantages to installing this aggressive Run-and-Trap attack. Addressing common concerns when installing the System, this DVD covers how to adapt it’s fast break, half-court offense, and pressing schemes to fit the skills of college women’s teams, and boy’s and girl’s high school teams.

In a detailed, step-by-step discussion illustrated with game clips and practice footage, Porter explains how a coach can get started implementing this system and what problems to expect along the way. As an added bonus, he answers ten of the most frequently asked questions about Attack Basketball.

As you work your way “Up the Learning Curve”, this video will give you the critical understanding you need to confidently install and stick with one of the most unique approaches to basketball ever developed.

85 minutes. 2008