BOOK - Coaching the System

    DVD 1 - Understanding the System
    DVD 2 - The Fast Break Attack
    DVD 3 - Half-Court "Attack" Offense
    DVD 4 - The Trap Defense

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  DVD 2 - The Fast Break Attack - $39.95
  • Fast Break Pros and Cons
  • 3 Psychological Advantages
  • 3 Practical Advantages
  • 6 Fast Break Principles
  • Answering Criticisms
  • Creating 3’s off the Break
  • Defining Roles
  • Initial Options
  • Offensive Rebounding
  • Essential FB Techniques
  • FB After a Rebound/Steal
  • FB After a Score
  • FB After a Dead Ball
  • FB Against the Press
  • End of Break Options
DVD 2—THE FAST BREAK ATTACKDVD 2 - The Fast Break Attack
In Volume 2 of the Attack Basketball Series, Coach Porter discusses a simple, hyper-aggressive Fast Break style that blends the best features of the famous Loyola Marymount fast break with the Grinnell system, two of the highest scoring attacks in college basketball history.

With this unique hybrid approach—based on six guiding principles of up-tempo offense—Porter’s gives an inside look at how his ONU women’s teams have led NAIA Division I basketball in scoring every season since 2004-05, setting a college women’s basketball record with nineteen 100+ point games in 2007-08.

You’ll have a front row seat for this detailed step-by-step demonstration of every facet of the transition game, illustrated using marker-board diagrams and game clips. The DVD concludes with a twenty-minute segment of practice clips that includes 15 favorite fast break drills.

This video will give you fresh ideas for developing your own transition attack: an approach simple enough to use at any level from junior high through college, but flexible enough to attack any defense.

72 minutes. 2008