BOOK - Coaching the System

    DVD 1 - Understanding the System
    DVD 2 - The Fast Break Attack
    DVD 3 - Half-Court "Attack" Offense
    DVD 4 - The Trap Defense

    Complete Set (Savings of $35)

  DVD 3 - Half-Court "Attack" Offense - $39.95
  • 7 Offensive Principles
  • Incorporating the 3-Pt shot
  • 5 Rebounding Rules
  • Drive & Kick Series
  • Pass & Screen Series
  • Inside-Out Series
  • Penetration Continuity
  • Isolating the Post
  • Using Quick-Hitters
  • 7 Man to Man Entries
  • Evolution of Zone Attack
  • Triple Post Zone Continuity
  • Zone Attack Entries
  • 16 Breakdown Drills
Combining the best features of the currently popular “Dribble-Drive Motion” offense with a 4-out Passing Game and solid inside play, Volume 3 shows how ONU has used the Half-Court Attack Offense to set 16 NAIA offensive records.

Created out of necessity when opponents began gearing their defenses to stop the aggressive Fast Break Attack with its emphasis on the3-point shot, this unique offense flows directly from transition. The Attack Offense uses four primary weapons in simple, easy to teach free-lance combinations to break down the defense: 3-point shooting, aggressive penetration, off-ball screens, and the post game.

Recognizing that post play is sometimes difficult to integrate with an up-tempo system, Porter shows how his three low-post players were all able to shoot over 60% from the floor during conference play in 2007. Also included is a detailed discussion of ONU’s Triple Post Zone Attack that will keep pressure on the interior while spotting up your best three-point shooters for open looks on the arc.

The Attack Offense has the flexibility to fit almost any type of personnel, and though developed to complement the running game, it can easily be adapted to a more ball-control style.

78 minutes. 2008